Old Mill Annual Boat Launch Pass

2024 Old Mill Annual Boat Launch Passes are available now! This sticker is good for one boat trailer only and is not transferable. It entitles you to launch and park your trailer (or truck & trailer combo) at Old Mill Boat Launch during the current calendar year. Maximum length of stay is 7 consecutive nights (tow vehicle & trailer must leave the facility for 24 hours before returning for another stay). Contact our office for prior approval if your stay will exceed 7 nights. Passes are $75 per year plus a $3 mailing fee.

Simply fill out the form below, and your sticker will be mailed. In most cases, you should receive it in 3-7 business days.

*If you are a Manson resident with a Manson address on your Driver’s License, visit our office or visit Reed’s Marine in Manson to receive a $25 discount on your annual pass. *

We'll keep you informed on what's going on!

Old Mill Annual Boat Launch Permit Rules:

DETACHED TRAILERS: Permitted ONLY with Annual Launch Pass Sticker adhered to trailer tongue. Trailer must be parked at the back of the lot. Maximum stay is 7 consecutive days.

OVERNIGHT PARKING: If parking overnight, park at the BACK of the lot. Maximum stay is 7 consecutive days. On day 7, vehicle/trailer must leave the parking lot for 24 hours before returning. Prior approval is required for extended stays. No camping.

VALUABLES: We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. Do NOT leave valuables in your boat or vehicle!

PACK IT OUT! We do not have garbage service at the boat launch.

DISCOUNT: Manson residents with a Manson address on their Driver’s License qualify for a $25 discount at the time of purchase. This can only be done at the Park Office or Reed’s Marine during regular business hours.